The goal of the project is to improve food and nutritional security and incomes of smallholder producers through increased crop productivity in selected areas of Zambia.

Transformation Through Technologies Generation and Dissemination

Scientists within ZARI and other key partners such as NGO, public and private sector institutions access funding under this component through the department of Sub Project proposals. this is achieved through;
Step 1:priority Research areas identified and endorsement to national level




Strengthening Regional Centre of Leadership through Infrastructure and Training

APPSA funds are being used to procure farm, laboratory, and office equipment needed to carry out field trials and laboratory analyses. Target ZARI research stations include Mongu (Western Province), Kabwe (Central Province), Mochipapa (Southern Province), Msekera (Eastern Province), Misamfu Northern Province), and Mt. Makulu.




Coordination and Facilitation

At national level, APPSA contributes to CCARDESA towards regional facilitation activities which include;

  • Planning, monitoring and Evaluation activities
  • Regional exchange of information, knowledge and technologies
  • Technical assistance and capacity building.

Knowledge and Information Management

Knowledge and Information Management

APPSA Zambia is playing the function of a sub-regional hub of knowledge and information (KI). We are making use of enormous amounts of information already generated. The Knowledge and Information Hub is meant to share  benefits of APPSA. The Hub is a focal point for generating and exchanging knowledge, developing new ideas and networking. Among other things, it mainstreams new scientific concepts in Technology Generation and Dissemination and policies in the region and will facilitate learning to boost the capabilities of APPSA stakeholders

Value addition  at Mpima in Kabwe District

Field monitoring

ZARI Mobile Lab

Agric. & Commercial Show participation