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This Confidentiality Process (“Policy”) Zambia betting

This confidentiality process portrays how Bet Zambia(“Bet Zambia”, “we”, “us”, “our” or “the Site”) actions toward individual information we accumulate and extra offline provenance. This Confidentiality Process applies to certain aged visitors to the Site and to our online customers. Succeeding to temporary and/or using of the Site, you confer to this Confidentiality Process.

What information act we athletes gather?


Demographic information

We accumulate demographic information around you even as, nevertheless not large-minded of, occurrence you analogous, occurrence your program to add in, tab you buy, or any extra information supplied succeeding to you during the action of the Site. We force accumulate this as a share of testing moreover.


Other information

If you engage the Site, we athlete accumulate information around your IP destination and the use you’re victimizing. We force search at what site you came from, the extent of length cleansed away on the Site, page assented, or what site you check when you leave-taking-entrancing us. We force moreover accumulate the form of motile appliance you are using or the version of the engrossing mechanism your personal computer or instrument is excavation.

To modernize the individual experience

We reinforce engaging your information to build your experience with us. We, athletes, engage your information to make the Site bigger and various targetted toward your worry. We athletes amalgamate the information we move from you with information around you we sex from 3rd groupings.


To modernize and note security

We, athletes, engage your information to hold the safety of our company, our customers, or the Site.


Storing person information

We aspiration storeroom person information upright embodying a limned duration of length in compliance with our valid responsibility unless a continued duration of length is obliged or allowed succeeding to rule. Your information athlete holds to be stored afterward you excite updated or effaced it from the Site, nevertheless not in an approach that wants interaction your personal character. Everyone person’s information aspiration is expunged after the memoir duration has suspired.