Project Components

APPSA Zambia is being implemented through three (3) interactive components  as per the following.

Component 1: Which focusses on improved technology generation and dissemination activities associated with the legumes and legume based farming system and are guided by the R&D agenda developed through a participatory process coordinated by the RCoL and at regional level by Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa (CCARDESA). All activities financed under Component 1 are being undertaken through collaborative R&D projects involving the participation of at least two countries and are focusing on regional priorities. All R&D projects include a set of activities designed to ensure that technologies generated through APPSA enter the dissemination system and are made available to farmers and other end users.

Component 2: Is supporting activities aimed at strengthening the core capacity of Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI) as the RCoL. This component comprises the core national capacity building activities of both human resources and physical infrastructure within the RCoL framework. In this regard, APPSA is (i) upgrading of research infrastructure including rehabilitation and construction of physical infrastructure; procurement of farm, laboratory and office equipment; and information technology and knowledge management systems; (ii) improving administration and performance management systems; (iii) developing human capital including by providing scientific training at the post graduate level; by upgrading skills through short courses or targeted training, and scientific exchanges; and (iv) strengthening seed production capacity, seed regulatory functions, and related services. Investments in Zambia are focusing on ZARI, with the Kabwe Research Station designated as the main location for the food legumes RCoL.

Component 3: This component finances three main categories of activities:  At national level, APPSA is financing project coordination activities, including planning and budgeting, management and administration, monitoring and evaluation, environment and social safeguards compliance and regional engagement.  Regional facilitation by CCARDESA: At the regional level, APPSA finances regional facilitation activities including: (i) planning, monitoring and evaluation activities related to regional collaboration; (ii) regional exchange of information, knowledge and technologies; and (iii) technical assistance and capacity building many of which are carried out by CCARDESA.  APPSA financing will support analytical work, needs assessments, and policy dialogue or policy harmonization activities in key areas that affect R&D at national and regional level. These focus on analysis of relevant policies and legislation for intellectual property rights, operationalization of the SADC harmonized seed regulatory system, implementation of biosafety regulations and similar topics.

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