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Legumes Crop Production

1 Land Preparations (timing, tillage methods)
  Beans & cowpea: Complete land preparation by 31st December

2 Planting (spacing, seed rate, time of planting)
   Plant beans at 15kg/lima; spacing, 60 cm x10 cm
   Plant cowpea at 3-5kg/lima; spacing, 60 cm x 20 cm
   Plant groundnuts at 20kg/lima; spacing, 60 cm x 10 cm
   Plant soybeans at 25kg/lima, drill seed in rows 45cm apart
   Plant pigeon pea at 2.5kg/lima; spacing, 150 cm x 30 cm
   Soybeans, Pigeon pea & groundnuts: Plant earlier than 15 Dec
   Beans & Cowpeas: Plant between 15-30 January

3 Weed control (methods, timing, importance)
   1st weeding within 3 weeks after planting
   2nd weeding @ 3 weeks after the 1st by hand pulling of weeds
   Control weed by hand or herbicide-consult Camp ext. officer
   Weed compete for nutrient, water, harbor pest & disease

4 Fertilization (type of fertilizer, timing, rate)
   Bean: apply Compound D fertilizer at 50kg/lima at planting
   Bean: apply top dress fertilizer such as Urea at 25kg/lima 3 weeks after  Compound D
   Cowpea: apply Compound D fertilizer at 25kg/lima at planting
   Groundnuts, Pigeon pea, Soybean: Plant with Compound D @ 25kg/lima
   Inoculate soybeans with inoculum @ planting @ 250g/50kg seed

 5 Harvesting (timing, methods)
   Bean, cowpea, Pigeon pea: harvest by hand when pods are mature
   Groundnut: harvest when inside pod linings are dark

   Soybean: harvest by hand when pods are mature

 6 Storage (moisture content, treatment)
         Bean: store dried shelled treated seed in a cool dry place  
         Cowpea: store dried shelled treated seed in a cool dry place
         Store dried unshelled groundnuts in a cool dry place
         P/pea: store dried shelled treated seed in a cool dry place

7 Processing & Utilization (products, recipe, preservation)
        Add value by processing legumes to generate income
        Consume legumes with other foods to diversify your diets
        Legumes can be consumed both as green/dry leaves and pods


Late maturing (120-130days): Chishango, MGV 4, 5, 6 & 7
Short maturing (90-110days): Wamusanga, Lupande & Wazitatu
Short maturing (90-110days): Katete & Luena

    Medium maturing (85-96days): Lukupa, Mbereshi & Lungwebungu
   Medium maturing (85-96days): Kabulangeti, Lwangeni & Lyambai

   Medium maturing (65-75days): Msandile, Namuseba & Mtilizi
   Medium maturing (65-75days): Bubebe & Lutembwe

   Medium Maturing (80-90days): Lukanga & Luangwa
   Short maturing (60-70days): Kafue

Pigeon Peas
   Medium maturing (140-150days): MPPV 2, MPPV 3 & MPPV 4

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Legumes Processing & Utilization

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