The Agricultural Productivity Programme for Southern Africa (APPSA) is a 6-year project (2013 – 2019) financed by the World Bank. Its objective is to increase the availability of improved agricultural technologies in participating countries in the SADC region through: (i) establishing Regional Centres of Leadership (RCoLs) on commodities of regional importance; (ii) supporting regional collaboration in agricultural research, technology dissemination, and training; and (iii) facilitating increased sharing of agricultural information, knowledge, and technology among participating countries.

APPSA currently has three participating countries each with US$30 million International Developmental Assistance (IDA): Malawi which is focusing on maize based farming systems; Mozambique on rice-based farming systems; and Zambia on food legumes-based farming systems (involving beans, cowpeas, groundnuts, pigeon peas, and soybeans).

Each participating country has lead responsibility for a particular commodity or commodity group upon which the RCoL is established, working in collaboration with other research institutes in all three countries. The regional approach being used under APPSA has proved to be an effective mechanism not only for developing new technologies, but also for facilitating the dissemination of scientific knowledge and research materials across national boundaries.


APPSA is being implemented through three (3) interactive components.

Component 1: focusses on improved technology generation and dissemination activities associated with the legumes and legume based farming system and are guided by the R&D agenda developed through a participatory process coordinated by the RCoL and at regional level by Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa (CCARDESA).

 Component 2: is supporting activities aimed at strengthening the core capacity of Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI) as the RCoL.

 Component 3: This component finances three main categories of activities:  At national level, APPSA is financing project coordination activities, including planning and budgeting, management and administration, monitoring and evaluation, environment and social safeguards compliance and regional engagement. 




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