Workshop on Gender Held

Capacity Building in Developing Gender Sensitive Research Tools and Methodologies Workshop Held.

During the implementation of the APPSA project, it is envisaged that all the relevant stakeholders shall participate in the activities without being gender biased. Gender bias arises when vulnerable groups such as the physically challenged, women, and youths are excluded and not incorporated in activities on an equal basis with men counterparts. Such exclusions, if not properly managed have potential to violet not only the human rights of the said marginal groups but also the outputs of APPSA project research and development activities. This may also affect the attainment of APPSA objectives and goals.

APPSA project activities involve the active participation of all the community members in different project sites. In these project sites, demographic situations obtaining on the ground may differ. The differences may be in terms of different parameters such as household headship, sex, and economic situation. In this regard, sensitizations have been conducted at sub project level to ensure that the necessary considerations are made in selecting participants of the various sub projects. However, the different tools required at each project implementation stage were not adequately covered. Against this background, a capacity-building workshop in developing gender sensitive research tools and methodologies was conducted with different stakeholders

  1. Objective of capacity building in developing gender sensitive research tools and methodologies

The overall objective was;

  1. To enhance the Mainstreaming of Gender in Agricultural Research.

The specific objectives were:

  1. To raise awareness on gender in relation to agricultural research
  2. To build capacity in gender analysis and mainstreaming in agricultural research

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