APPSA Focal Persons Attend End of Project Conference 25th to 29th November, 2019

The Agricultural Productivity Programme for Southern African (APPSA) is a six-year project (2013 – 2019) financed by the World Bank using a Specific Investment Loan (SIL). The project has three key components: (1) Technology Generation and Dissemination; (2) Strengthening Regional centres of Leadership; and (3) Coordination and Facilitation.  The project’s objective is to increase the availability of improved agricultural technologies in participating countries in the SADC region through: (i) establishing Regional Centres of Leadership (RCoLs) on commodities of regional importance; (ii) supporting regional collaboration in agricultural research, technology dissemination, and training; and (iii) facilitating increased sharing of agricultural information, knowledge, and technology among participating countries. Implementation of APPSA is based on partnerships and collaborations among three participating countries (Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia). Malawi is focusing on maize- based farming systems, Mozambique on rice-basead farming systems, and Zambia on food legumes-based farming systems (involving beans, cowpeas, groundnuts, pigeon peas, and soybeans). Additional countries within the SADC region are expected to join as APPSA evolves and expands.

Given that the Project is coming to an end in January 2020 and most of the R&D projects have been completed and research outputs have been generated, an end of project conference was proposed in order to facilitate the sharing of research outputs with a broader group of APPSA stakeholders. In this event, communication products are expected to be displayed in an exhibition as well as develop and/or finalize all the outstanding country communication products. Thus, there is a need for the APPSA Communication Working Group to meet to plan the conference from the stand point of visibility as well as work on some communication products yet to be finalized.

The purpose of the Communication Working Group Workshop is to strategize the APPSA end of project in terms of visibility as well as edit and finalize all the APPSA communication products.


The expected outputs at the end of the proposed APPSA Communication Working Group Workshop shall be:

  • Latest APPSA country communication products shared;
  • APPSA communication products template defined;
  • APPSA country communication products adjusted to templates;
  • APPSA country communication products edited and finalized.
The approach of this proposed Dissemination Conference will be in the form of:

  • Oral Presentations
  • Group discussions
  • Plenary discussions


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